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Simple solutions are no longer usual in the engineering. Special solutions and special machines are in demand. Our development experts are interested to meet your individual requirements and to produce a tailor-made machine especially for you. Quality, special knowledge, satisfied
customers as well as modern technology and technical skills are our top priority.

Our whole range of products will be constructed and produced in our own branch in Emsbüren, Germany. Due to that we have the chance to produce your individual machine according to your requirements. You are always welcome to visit us and our company in Germany!



KS Test Rigs


KS engineering creates values

Often complaints and product defects cause financial problems. But more unpleasant is that they damage the image. 

To prevent this, most of the manufacturers of windows and curtain walls play safe and use in their manufacturing plants own test rigs. This increases the quality and safety standard and is guaranteed well received by the customers. ...



Drilling Machines


Drilling and screwing station for the installation of corner and shear bearings in windows frames

SPS-controlled machine for the drilling and screwing of window fittings

With the drilling and screwing machine an easy and comfortable installation of angle and sheer bearings on a frame is possible without any complication. The heard of our machine is the SPS control system which controls the process of drilling and screwing full automatically.


Lifting Technology


KS Robot 400 Offroad
one all-terrain Offroad

The offroad series is particularly suitable for driving on rough terrain. Your front wheel drive and the most deep-treaded tires almost any soil situation.

If you need a lifting and assembling vehicle that is suitable for bad ground conditions then both KS Offroad models are a good choice. ...


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