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KS EBA - End slat drilling machine

Mainly, manufacturer of roller shutters like to use our KS EBA in order to drill holes into roller shutter end rails. Furthermore, KS EBA will also be used in companies producing ledges with drilling holes on the right and left side. 

Our KS EBA is especially constructed and made for drilling holes at the end of a ledge. One of our special concerns has been the quality of the drilling. Due to the double drilling units, which set drills from above and below synchronously into the profile a burr-free drilling is given. 

Excellent processing of our products and automated processes

Second priority has been a comfortable handling as well as an easy menu navigation. Therefore, we equipped the machine with a touch panel to enter the production data. A light barrier on the machine recognises the length of the profile and the positioning of the boreholes automatically. It is, however, useful to enter a length or dimension of the profile. 

Each drilling unit is equipped with a revolver spindle in order to process six different profile widths. Profile types can be assigned visually with a colour coding on the rotary wheel. A positiv result is that unnecessary refitting work to different profile heights and bore depths are omitted. 


Depth stop to adjust different profiles

Length stop with a dimension display to adjust the borehole

Easy operation on touch panel and a laser barrier


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