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Lift and mount made easy

KS Robot 280 – the compact Robot for an efficient working method

To raise with the KS lifting and assembly equipment glasses, windows, plates, stoneware to 1.000 kg comfortable, safe move and assemble exactly

The KS Robot 280 is the smallest and most manoeuvrable electrical lifting machine from all of the KS Robots. The transport and installation of windows and glass panes up to 280 kg are absolutely no problems for the all-rounder. He is characterized by his compact construction and a small turning circle.

The KS Robot 280 is ready for use, even if facing adverse space. His thin chassis with only 630 millimetres is well made for each standard door and thanks to a rotary unit of 90° it is possible to drive with a load through thin ways. The KS Robot mounted playing up to 280 kg heavy materials,.


KS Robot 280 Details

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