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Precision cut by hydro pneumatic feeder

A precise, cleanly cut will be reached by the equipment of the saw with a hydro pneumatic saw blade feeder. The constant and uniform feed motion of the saw blades avoid cracks in the material and ensures pane cutting edges. By using a rotary valve the feeding rate can be finely adjusted and adapted individually to the type and strength of the material.

Pressure controller for a carefully manufacturing

The flexibility that is needed for cutting different materials and thicknesses that the KS UFS also brings. This is ensured by a pressure controller with that the clamping pressure can be adjusted individually to the processing profile. Thin-walled plastic profiles can be fixed carefully, as well as massive aluminium profiles.

Feeding roller conveyor in various length available

The stable constructed feeding table is equipped with numerous plastic rolls so that can be handling the profiles easy and gentle on the material slide against the back gauge. It is standard available in many different lengths. Upon request, we adjust the feeding table on place conditions on the ground and finished to your specifications.

Hydropneumatic saw blade feeder for a precise cut of more profiles rolled into one sawing process As profile stop is a servo-controlled positioning and ensures a dimensionally
accurate cutting
Surface gentle manufacturing by adjustable locking clamp pressure


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