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High-quality locking by clamping the PVC caps with stainless steel staples

KS AluLight: increase productivity, relieving employees

A converting of different cover widths is possible with the KS AluLight. By changing of the profile heads the machine can be rebuild faster. The fixation of the caps effects by clamps and stainless steel staples.

The KS AluLight has a SPS control and a touch-panel for inputting of the manufacturing data, for example roller shutter height and quantity of the processed roller shutter slats. The width stop of the roller shutter will be adjusted manually depending on the version of the machine via a hand wheel. It will be shown on a digital display or on request it can be equipped with a servo controlled axis.

The machine drives the profile stop automatically on position with the servo controlled axis that makes handling of the device more comfortable. The device sends a signal to the operator when the given number of bars is processed and the shutter is completed.

A very material gentle one transport of profiles   Digital device to control the roller shutter widths
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