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KS roller shutter test rig - Roller shutters in long-term tests

In order to classify roller shutters in its life classes, roller shutter producers buy a test rig by which they can test the long-term performance of their roller shutters. Over a period of many years, the KS roller shutter test rig for long-term performance tests has proved effective, by which it is possible to classify roller shutters in steps 1-3 according to EN 13659 paragraph 11.4.

Our test rig is made out of an aluminium frame, a motor, a control panel as well as a programmable software (optional) in order to enter your own wishes into the programme. Different options such as test cycles or duration of dwell will be entered into the system and can be selected by a touch display. Error messages can also be registered and documentated if requested.

The box can be installed very easy and without any problems. It will be fixed with mechanical clamps and the width can be adjusted very smoothly. The roller shutter guide rails will be put in laterally and will also be fixed with clamps.

The combination motor of the test rig is a good equipment for roller shutter producer. That means, both roller shutters which run with an electronic belt and those which run with a hand crank can be tested and classified.

The test rig can optional be equipped with a connection box for roller shutter motors. For safety reasons, the motor runs only if the top of the box is closed.

Your advantages

  • Durable, stable construction
  • Ergonomically constructed
  • Easy assembly of box
  • Low space requirement
  • Motor connection box (optional) to test roller shutter motors
  • Printer interface
  • CE-conform
  • Low maintenance

Technical data

Type KS RBP 3025
Electrical connection 400 V, 50 Hz, 1,5 kW
Width of testing element  3.000 mm

Testing height

2.500 mm

Testing depth  250 mm

External dimension width

4.000 mm

External dimension height

 3.000 mm
External dimension depth  1.500 mm







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