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KS GBF for inserting of the strap guide nut - quick, reliable and versatile

The KS strap guide milling machine is the ideal equipment to introduce the nut for the strap guide procedure into the roller shutter box component of PVC. It works quick and reliable and is very versatile for different blind forms and sizes. The milling head consist of a 230 V high-speed motor with electronic rotation speed control. The rotation speed can be adjusted to the requirements via potentiometer of 11.000 – 25.000 r/min.

The lateral engage measure is adjusted by a mechanical digital display, so that can be adjusted the correct distance depending on the caste system or box type.

Exactly precision work

The profile is pneumatically clamped and the milling process is also carried out pneumatically. By that is a very precise and low degree of milling of the nut possible. The strap guide milling machine can be delivered in two types, either available as milling machine to screw on an existing bench or with base frame. His deposit boards provide space for tools or small parts.

Equipment with revolver-stop: depth of the nut can be adjusted easily without unnecessary structural alteration works

Exactly adjustment of the insert measure by rotating wheel



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