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KS Curtain wallling test rig - professional, comfortable, PC-controlled

A massive steel construction with even, few foints casing constitute the basic construction of the test assembling. The devision, for exapmle, two test rooms makes possible a flexible testing in related to the quantity and dimension of the curtain wall elements. The accession to the test rooms occur through a entrance door and a connecting door between both rooms. Through opening the connecting door occur a big testing room- depending on the requirements for the testing situation.

Freely movable bridges simulated in the test chamber floor. The height setting ocurrs standard all 100 mm. The grid dimension is individually adapted to customer request.

Despite the high weight the upper test area cover can be moved easily over an electric winch. The counter weights at the back side of the test wall absorb the high forces and replace the cover fluent in position. The test chamber is sealed off so quickly and free of leaks.

The construction is equipped with a complete grid spraying system, a high-performance blower, electronic deflection sensor* and a computer control. The corresponding software represents on easiest way, all assessments required by the standard.


Advantages KS Curtain Walling

  • Durable construction

  • Electronical deflection sensor for measuring of the bending

  • Perfectly sealed through especially developed sealed sytem

  • Small, medium and bigger test room depending on requirements

  • Water circulating system incl.drainage

  • Grid allowance for the curtain walls elements according customers desires

  • Precise measurements results

  • Low maintenance

  • EC-conform

  • PC-controlled, network connection

  • Size according to customer requirements to implement

Technical data

  KS Curtain Walling
Electrical connection 400 V, 50 Hz, 30 kW
Air connection  1/4", 6 bar
Water circulating system  5.000 m³
Test block width till 6.000 mm

Test block height

till 8.000 mm

Test room width

2.000, 4.000

oder 6.000 mm

External measure width

7.000 mm

External measure height

 9.000 mm
External measure depth  2.500 mm

Air volume flow at the test rig

5.000 Pa
Volume flow for the air leak  7.000 m³/h
Other sizes without additional charges possible


Details KS Fassadenprüfstand

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