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Semi-automatic locking of tailor-made aluminium roller profiles

Good and favourable: KS AluMat

The semi-automatic KS AluMat 350 processed already fitted aluminium profiles. A side-mounted depositing table provides ample space for the profile bars. They are manually fed into the machine slat by slat and moved by pushing the button or pressing the footswitch against the profile stop. The stop can be positioned manually and set to the requested width dimension of the roller shutter. The KS AluMat 350 is equipped with a plug-in assistance. It facilitates the manual tray and transports the first 15-20 cm of the profile bars automatically to the final position.

The subsequent locking of the profile bars is carried out automatically. First of all, the individual aluminium slats will be merged together and secured with caps and staples. The finished roller shutter will be transported to the front by extension arms. They are equipped with brushes so that the shutter is well protected during processing.

By a digital display the quantity of the needed slats per roller shutter is entered. A counter device shows all rods are processed and the roller shutter is completed.


The digital display shows the quantity of the needed slats per roller shutter.
  Footswitch for semi-automatic profile entry
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