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Drilling and screwing machine for a more efficient production of corner and shear bearing

The drilling unit is fixed at the inside of the frame in order to put fittings in the right position and to compensate profile and weld tolerances.  The frame will be tighten by blank holder during the drilling.

Our drilling units are equipped with a speed regulator. Drilling feed will be stopped hydraulically. Both is result of a very burr formation.

Next step is to put fittings into the external boreholes and to fix them with four screws in the middle. An integrated laser on the machine will help to find the right positions for the screws. First, please set screw 1 and 3. Afterwards, the screwing station drives automatically to the next screwing position and sets screws 2 and 4. By means of SPS control system, the entire process happens automatically.

Six-spindle drill head drills all boreholes at the same time

Double-spindle screwing unit for an automatic screw connection

Revolver spindle for sidewards screw position

Hand control with colour coding

Automatical screw feeding

Storage surface for tools


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