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Drilling machine for ledges KS LBM Junior - A good addition to your range of products

Our KS LBM Junior is the right choice for all customers who manufacture profiles in small quantities.

In the production of roller shutters, the KS LBM Junior will be used to drill guide rails. In der Rollladenfertigung wird die KS LBM Junior häufig genutzt, um die Führungsschienen zu bohren und um die Stopperbohrungen von Endschienen zu setzen. In der Metallindustrie werden z.B. Zierblenden gebohrt, die in kleiner Auflage auf speziellen Kundenwunsch hin gefertigt werden.

KS LBM Junior manufactures ledges made out of plastic, wood, aluminium as well as steel. The material change  can be made without any efforts because in most of the times only the driller needs to be changed.

Our standard version of KS LBM Junior is equipped with a double drilling unit that means that two drill holes can be made at the same time.

The first drilling will be made from above and the second drilling from below both at the same time. Such procedure saves costs and increases the quality.

KS LBM with a double drilling unit


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