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Screwing machine for an efficient fitting assembly on a not fixed slat

An advantage on installation of fittings on a not fixed slat is the low space requirement. For example, up to four profiles can be positioned and moved synchronously one after the other. Turning of a window frame during the fitting assembly is completely cancelled. In the ideal case, you only have to install the corner components when the frame drives to the fitting table.

Therefore, the lead times will be reduced significantly and normally without additional investment costs for the window processor. Specifically for this situation we developed KS SAL. The universally usable screwing machine is ideal for the efficient production of windows made out of wood, PVC and aluminium.

In standard, the screwing aggregate will be set manually on the screwing position. A line laser and several positioning stops ensure a user-friendly operation. Second possibility of equipment for the screwing machine is a PC controlled engine in order to drive the screwing position automatically.


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