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Motor-controlled winding aid to roll up the blinds.

Automated production process

An automated feeding table accelerates the working procedures and helps to make the working place more efficient. The raw materials in form of individual slads or profile mats will be put on the profile table and will then be processed automatically. Individual slats can be pulled step by step and pushed against a width stop. This stop adjusts due to a computer control to the manufacturing roller shutter measure.

Then it follows the cutting, next the locking of the individual slats. High performances saw blades with precision drive cutting the profiles to length at the same time and bring in the locking nut. A stainless steel locking wire locks the individual PVC-slats together. Finally, the finished roller shutter wrapped via a special device independently.

The extension of the machine of one drilling and sawing unit for trailing edge is optional possible. In parallel to roller shutter manufacturing, the trailing edge – on a separate upper level – is cutting and setting the drilling for the stopper. The stop of the saw is connected with the width stop of the machine. It has the advantage: The saw takes over the width measure of the roller shutter and doesn’t need to adjust separately.



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