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Whith manual or elektro-hydraulic drive

KS BigFoot - a mini crane with a maximum comfort

As its name already suggests its advantages lie in the tires. By that it easily overcomes curbs and other rough ground conditions. Even with adhering load its wheels make all the movements on rough terrain. For this purpose it makes two large rubber wheels at the front and two smaller rears. The low rolling resistance at the solid rubber tires provide a maximum comfort when pushing and still has the advantage that flat feet are excluded. All KS BigFoots are constructed as a mobile mini crane with counterweights and - based on the construction - reduced to the essential. Therefore, you need at the site of operation little space and it can be mounted fast on smallest room. A crane arm and handle bar can be folded down easily, whereby not only the assembly, but also transportation to the construction site is very easy to organize.

For everyone who demands during the assembly more user-friendly comfort, we have equipped the KS BigFoot 450 H with an electric controlled hydraulic drive. With it the lifting height as well as lifting length can be controlled easily via a wired remote control. An accurately fitting and an accurately lifting of the load are guaranteed. This greatly facilitates the assembly and contributes to an efficient way of working.


  • Small rooms usable by compact construction
  • Millimetre accurate putting down possible
  • Secure special hydraulic
  • Fast folded and ready to transport
  • Fit through every standard door
  • Easy to handle
  • Solid rubber tires for easy pushing over rough ground
  • Small turning circle
  • Electro-hydraulic height drive with cable remote control (optional at the KS BigFoot 450H)
  • Electro- hydraulic telescope with cable remote control (optional at the KS BigFoot 450H)
  • Crane arm in five length position adjustable
  • High-quality and secure by CE-certification

Technical Data


KS BigFoot 280
KS BigFoot 450 KS BigFoot 450 H
Bearing load max. 280 kg 450 kg 450 kg
Bearing load in front of the wheels max. 190 - 280 kg 280 - 450 kg 280 - 450 kg
Outreach in front of the wheels max. approx. 1.105 mm approx. 940 mm approx. 940 mm
Lift height approx. 2.650 mm approx. 2.570 mm approx. 2.700 mm
Height drive Manual Manual Electro-hydraulic
Net weight  without counterweights approx. 145 kg approx. 160 kg approx. 220 kg
Counter weights 13 pcs. á 22 kg 13 pcs. á 22 kg 18 pcs. á 22 kg
Standard equipment Incl. hook, 360° rotating Incl. hook, 360° rotating Incl. hook, 360° rotating
Optional equipment

4 suction units hand pumps 
KS VacuPower

4 suction units hand pumps
KS VacuPower
4 suction units hand pumps 
KS VacuPower
High power battery


Without 12 Volt (230 Volt)
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