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The universal till 7, 5 m

Assembly and loads lift KS Glasmax: versatile applicable by adapter supports

The KS Glasmax is the ideal lifting device for the assembly of awnings, glass panes and windows or – depending on construction - for lifting and transportation of heavy construction parts. The equipment with different adapters, e.g. a hook, a load fork, a suction unit for vertical or horizontal assembly allows a versatile use at your construction site or in the workshop.

The KS Glasmax is selectively available with a lifting mast up to a lift height of 4.800 mm or 7.500 mm.
In the standard version it is equipped with a mechanical crank drive. Who likes more comfortable decides for the e-construction with electro-motor and remote control.

At the push of a button the mast drive to the desired working height. The construction with a smaller mast makes the assembly and lifting of loads of up to 500 kg possible. The 7500 mm mast brings elements up to 250 kg.

At the transportation and at application on the construction site the KS Glasmax is characterized by extremely handiness and a comfortable assembly.


  • Versatile applicable by adapter supports
  • Comfortable assembly
  • On request with electro drive
  • Ranks in a confined space by the compact construction
  • Decomposable
  • Easy to transport
  • Fast assembly and disassembly
  • Low maintenance
  • High quality and secure by CE-certification

Technical data

KS Glasmax 250/7
KS Glasmax 250/4 KS Glasmax 500
Bearing load till 250 kg 250 kg 500 kg
Lift height 7.500 mm 4.800 mm 4.800 mm
Height drive Manual or electrical (optional) Manual or electrical (optional) Manual
Device measures 800 x 2.200 x 1.900 mm 800 x 2.200 x 1.950 mm 800 x 2.000 x 2.000 mm
Mast height (at insert mast) 1.900 mm 1.900 mm 2.000 mm
Net weight without counter weights 225 kg 185 kg 250 kg
Counter weights 5 pieces á 22 kg 5 pieces á 22 kg 10 pieces á 22 kg
Standard equipment Load fork Load fork Load fork
Optional equipment

Crane hook / glass table for overhead assembly / outrigger / transport basket / Motor drive with remote control (optional)

Crane hook / glass table for overhead assembly / outrigger / transport basket / Motor drive with remote control (optional) Crane hook / glass table for overhead assembly / outrigger
Current supply for motor drive (optional) 230 V 230 V Only manual with hand crank

An elevator - premium class

The high flyer KS MAZ: saves time and brings the construction material secure into the room

The practical elevator for goods with pivoted charging board is the ideal assistance for reconstruction and rehabilitation measures and relocations. It can be accelerated up to 15 Meter and moves approx. two meters horizontal into the building, so it can be easily discharged. In a confined space, the goods are transported almost vertically upwards. Due to this enormous space-saving operation, the restriction is often not necessary because of road constructions.

The elevator for goods KS MAZ 1500 replaced an entire assistance team. The operating is especially easy and user-friendly. By an electric powered cable winch the material is carried to the desired level. The KS MAZ is characterizing by smoothly start-up and stop by an electronic frequency converter. This is a big advantage especially by relocations with breakable or valuably goods.


  • Constructed space saving, vertically material transport
  • Comfortable uploading in the room
  • Smoothly start-up and stopping
  • Little place requirement
  • Easy to mount
  • Quickly re-equipped transport supports
  • Low maintenance
  • High quality and secure by CE- and association certification

Technical data

Bearing load till 100 kg
Transport height Standard 11.500 mm
Transport height extendable to 15.000 mm
Height drive Electrical
Load movement

From vertical to horizontal

Net weight 120 kg

Current supply for motor drive

230 V
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