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Details make the difference

Many high-quality equipment details contribute to an efficient and safe operation at: For example, the foot switch, with the mounting height and speed of KS JMV 600 can be controlled; Or a permanently installed control panel with touch-display. A second movable control console which is equipped with the most important functions and are always there when you need it straight. A rotating flashing beacon that signals a potential danger and a safety sensor that stops the system if needed immediately. All of this is from easy to handy and safe workplace. 

Mounting device on the example of an inclined shading   Recording device with two clamping levers for different size blinds housing Laser indicates the exactly cut-off position for the blinds cord

Freely-programmable software

Your wishes can be easily implemented. Individual functions are adapted to the processing requirements, displayed on the touch-screen or stored as a control function. Error messages are displayed and logged on request. Various work heights can be stored up to 30 employees. Different speeds and a gradual height adjustment are possible. With the sliding carriage to thread the carriage always in optimal working height of the slats in the cords. The necessary comfort, the bar code reader that transmits the data to the manufacturing plant. We are happy to offer you our network connectivity.



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