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Perfectly equipped

All of our KS drilling machines are equipped with a high-quality and powerful 1.050 Watt drilling engine which is electronically adjustable between 1.400 - 3.000 rotations per minute.

Every going-through is soften hydraulically so that all drillings can be drilled with minimal burr formation. Fourfold fastened revolver spindles are mounted on each drilling unit. Complicated adjustments are not required for changing between different profile dimensions.
The lateral distance is determinded by PVC distance elements. By a changing of these additions other profile variants are very fast as well as easy to process.

Distances between the first and last drilling will be determined by profile stops. Thanks to the patented shears-system, middle drillings will be drilled automatically in the same distances without any adjustment work.

By switching off and on of each drilling head, it’s possible to decide individually about number and type of the drilling. This allows you to the setting of drills number and order, as well as the drilling directions. Every state of each drilling unit is monitored and shown by a light touch with a memory-programmable-switch. The drilling time of the two axes is – depending on the profile height – adjustable through a potentiometer.

Fast changeable PVC profile supplements for different profile depths Revolver spindle in order to adjust drilling positions Storage board for shavings
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