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Modular machine construction depending on work requirements

A top priority during construction of the machine was to act flexible on customer requirements. Therefore, we are using a modular system for the screwing machine. Between one and three screwing aggregates and up to five different types of screws are possible to build, depending on the work requirements.

For example, a screwing aggregate, which puts the screws from above into the frame is necessary for the installattion of corner and shear bearings. According to the "modular design principle", we are able to manufacture the screwing machines as flexible as you desire and adjusted to your financial possibilities.

The same applies to the processing of different screw types, which will be put automatically to the screw aggregate by a vibration conveyor. The machine can be equipped with up to three feeder for different screws and also with a turnout system, which gives you more flexibility and sets the different screws to the screw aggregate. However, we are able to manufacture a machine individually made to your requirements.



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